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> > > Thanks guys, clear explanations, better than i could find with some
> > > quick googling :)
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> > Agreed!
> > 
> > It's stuff they don't seem to want to mention in C++ class, So far at
> > least anyway.  I guess I can see why they don't in light of the fact
> > that many people in the beginning class had trouble just with the
> > concepts of structs and other simple stuff.

I would assume that there's also the problem of identifying how
different OSs will react to the same code when accessing
out-of-boundaries memory.

> Wait until they get onto slicing (inheritance and all that jazz)!  Watch
> the eyes glaze over and attendance fall to an all time low.  The
> unfortunate thing about C++ is that the concepts are fairly simple (well
> _some_ of them anyway), but they're surrounded by ridiculously
> complicated-sounding names like polymorphism, template specialisation
> and the like.  But then I guess that's no different to most technical
> areas?

In the past couple of weeks I've been going over a Ruby tutorial at

and for the first time I understood the basic OOP concepts. I don't
think the problem with C++ is the technical names but the obtuse syntax.
Ruby is crystal-clear.

(I'm not a programmer and I'm not giving up C, but I wanted to take a
look at the modern scripting languages.)

Miguel Bazdresch

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