Interesting C thingy

Matthew Burgess matthew at
Mon Aug 9 13:25:37 PDT 2004

On Mon, 09 Aug 2004 16:22:06 -0400
Jason Gurtz <jason at> wrote:

> On 8/9/2004 16:05, Miguel Bazdresch wrote:
> > Thanks guys, clear explanations, better than i could find with some
> > quick googling :)
> Agreed!
> It's stuff they don't seem to want to mention in C++ class, So far at
> least anyway.  I guess I can see why they don't in light of the fact
> that many people in the beginning class had trouble just with the
> concepts of structs and other simple stuff.

Wait until they get onto slicing (inheritance and all that jazz)!  Watch
the eyes glaze over and attendance fall to an all time low.  The
unfortunate thing about C++ is that the concepts are fairly simple (well
_some_ of them anyway), but they're surrounded by ridiculously
complicated-sounding names like polymorphism, template specialisation
and the like.  But then I guess that's no different to most technical


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