Strange beeping

Dominic L Hilsbos dhilsboslfs at
Mon Aug 9 10:22:41 PDT 2004

Saturday night my Server computer crashed all over the place, and I have 
spent yesterday and this morning reinstalling and reconfiguring it. 
However starting this morning it has taken on the very annoying habit of 
beeping at me every 3 minutes, does anyone know what might be causing 
this?  It happens whether there is a user logged on or not, and began 
right after I started running mgetty again, however I'm not getting 
anything abnormal in the logs, nor is mgetty restarting. I plan on 
commenting out the line in inittab that run mgetty, but I don't have 
time to right now, anyone have any ideas of what might be causing this 
problem, so I can make some real headway after work, even if it isn't 


Dominic L Hilsbos

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