alsa vs linux-libc-headers

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Mon Aug 9 01:48:27 PDT 2004

hi community! looking through linux-libc-headers package, i found
include/sound subdirectory. lfs book says: "For years it has been common
practice to use so-called "raw" kernel headers (straight from a kernel
tarball) in /usr/include, but over the last few years, the kernel
developers have taken a strong stance that such things should not be
done. Thus was born the linux-libc-headers project, designed to maintain
an API stable version of the Linux headers." so, my question is: should
we use these sound include files to compile e.g. alsa-lib instead of
those from kernel or alsa-driver source? btw, alsa installation
procedure as it is described in blfs book uses include files from
alsa-driver source.

i also asked this question on alsa-user mailing list, and the answer was
that using include files from linux-libc-headers is correct.


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