Filesystem for a shutdown-by-pulling-the-plug machine

Patrick Head patrick at
Sun Aug 8 00:41:40 PDT 2004

On Sun, 2004-08-08 at 02:13, cedric wrote:
> Hi all, i want to be able to just yenk out the power cable of my computer, and 
> not loose any data, or being forced to run 'checkdisk' afterwards.
> I figured i need a filesystem that instead of overwriting files makes a file 
> 'next to it' and when it's confirmed the file is written removes the old 
> file.
> Any filesystems out there that does this?
> btw, instead of just pulling the cable, running a script is fine, as long as 
> the script doesn't take much longer than about a second.


Although still NOT recommended, I have had great luck with using the
ext3 (with journalizing) and the Reiser file systems on Linux.  They
more or less act like the transaction systems on a database.  The
transaction replay times on reboot are usually less than a second for
several filesystems.  So far, absolutely NO data loss has happened to me
during power failures, or just plain screw ups on my part.

Hope this helps!


Patrick Head
patrick at

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