NonStandard Directory Tree, Wildcards in PATH, etc

cedric at
Sat Aug 7 02:02:05 PDT 2004

On Saturday 07 August 2004 01:59, Dominic L Hilsbos wrote:
> I remember that, when I first got into Linux, one of the things that
> took me the longest to get ussed to was the standard directory tree
> structure.  So the question is how difficult would it be to build a
> system ussing a more descriptive and, well, Windows like.
> Some of the things I'd like to do:
> Put all system files under /Linux/, including but not limited to boot,
> config, library (or lib), bin, log, maybe init also.  /Linux/ would be
> owned by user/group system:system (1:1), thus allowing someone in the
> system group to make system wide changes.
> Put all non-system programs in their own folder under /Programs/ (for
> instance samba would be in /Programs/Samba/.  This would be owned by
> program:program (2:2).  This would allow anyone in the program group to
> install programs for the machine.
> I like the existing layout of /home/ that I'd keep as would I keep /root/.
> The thing is, I'd prefere to keep program specific libraries in a
> subdirectory of the programs directory (i.e. /Programs/*/lib/) how would
> I setup ln to access these libraries, yet not compromise seurity?

I don't know about security, but the lib's have to be found, so all of those 
dirs should be in /etc/
> Also how would I setup the path to allow ussers to use the programs in
> /Programs/*/?  Would it be necessary?  Putting an absolute pathname in
> an icon (launcher) in the menu (or on the desktop) for those programs in
>   /Programs/... would solve that problem.

I guess so, i have a few program in non-path places, and it works

> The pathname for root would have to not include references to /Programs/
> so that security is maintained.

don't be so sure, every user can change the PATH var

> I realize that most of this goes against everything that most linux
> users are ussed to, however I'd realy like to see expanded personal use
> of Linux, and I believe that this might help expand the Linux user base.

If you feel this is better go for it! This is how progress is made

Greetz, cedric
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