Mental Exercise: Linux in business

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Sat Aug 7 01:56:42 PDT 2004

On Saturday 07 August 2004 02:47, Dominic L Hilsbos wrote:
> The company I work for deploys hundreds of PCs, many of which are
> utilized by multiple (at different times) non-computer-literate
> personnel.  No one should be surprise by the fact that these computers
> have had serious security problems recently.  Unfortunately I'm not part
> of my companies IT department, so this is just a mental exercise for me.
> Ok, so the challenges are this:
> Users.  How would a business go about setting up centralized login, with
> centralized servers handling users /home/* folders?  What I would
> specifically like is that when a user logs in using the graphical
> environment the users /home directory would be created, and then the
> remote directory would be mounted there.  When the user logs out their
> /home directory would be unmounted, and destroyed.

Why should only the home dir of that one user be mounted? One user can't 
read/write in another users home dir. What's wrong by mounting the /home of 
all users?

However i would be interested to see the scripts to pull this off. I guess we 
can fiddle with the login shell in /etc/password, so first a script is run, 
and afterwards hte shell is started.

btw, i use special package users to compile, how should i fiddle things so 
they get the lowest priority when logging in?

> Centralized shared scheduling.  Certain members of the work force need
> to be able to schedule meetings and such with each other.  Also it would
> need to include the ability for each user to specify which other users
> are able to edit their schedule.

Don't know which program can be used to display the calendar, but is all users 
have write acces to the file it reads from i don't see too many problems

> I think that's enough of my rambling for today.
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