(O/T) Anyone following Real Robots?

John Gay johngay at eircom.net
Fri Aug 6 14:52:12 PDT 2004

Since many here are in England/Ireland/Europe I was wondering if any other 
Linux people had built the Real Robots from Eaglemoss?

The main robot is now finished and the handset/controller is complete enough 
for the computer-link software, except the application provided is 
Windows-only. Thinking that the programming code and communication protocols 
should be basic, I wrote asking them if they could provide details to allow 
Linux users to experiment with it. Here is the reply:
Dear John,

I am afraid that it is against company policy to pass out information
regarding our CD formats or protocols.

I realise that this is a disappointment and can only apologise. 

We hope you continue to enjoy all other aspects of this project.

Gareth Ayre

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From: John Gay [mailto:johngay at eircom.net] 
Sent: 06 August 2004 02:45
To: Robot Support
Subject: Programming info for Linux users?

I've been collecting the Real Robots magazines and have built my Cybot
have been having great fun playing with it. Unfortunately, since I don't
MicroSoft Windows on my computer, I can't start programming my cybot for
complex routines.

I was hoping that you might provide some information about the data
and transmission protocols that would allow Linux users like myself to
and implement Linux based programs for cybot.

I realise that the Linux community is not large enough to warrent your 
developing a Linux based application, but if the information was
the Linux community could develop the tools themselves.

Hopefully you are able to release this information to allow the Linux 
community to enjoy cybot as much as the MicroSoft community does.

Yours Sincerely,

        John Gay

So, I was wondering, with so many hardware/programming experts on this list in 
the UK/Europe area who might have access to the Real Robots hardware, would 
anyone be interested in hacking it?


	John Gay

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