Routing + linux + Windows XP + not playing fair.

Gareth Westwood gareth at
Fri Aug 6 09:56:19 PDT 2004

rune at wrote:
> gareth at wrote:
>>Hi all,
>>Got a little bit of a technical that I am hoping someone here can help 
>>me with. 
Thanks for the thoughts, eventually after pulling an all nighter I found 
that it was not just the windoze box that wasn't working. Then after a 
heavy session at my local pub I spotted the problem straight away. I was 
missing a gw address in the route of the first router/firewall.

This does open up another question though. One of the boxes worked fine, 
it was on the same subnet as the others with the same route and 
everything the only difference was that it had all the 
firewalling/routing stuff installed on it (for future expansion). So 
does a router include extra information in it's packets to make it 
easier to find? I can't understand why that box worked when all the 
others failed.

Anyhow, am trying to find a static Firefox to put on these boxes coz 
they got dillo at the moment and it's a little to "basic" for the job in 


Gareth Westwood

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