firefox 0.9.3

Wolfgang Landauer w.landauer at
Thu Aug 5 11:02:23 PDT 2004

Ian Molton killed the keyboard with:

> Trying to build firefox and hit this one. I dont really grok c++ much
> but it seems the same function is mulltiply defined (header issues?).

Well it's a constructor not a function.

> anyone seen this one yet?

No, mine compiled successful today.

> ../../dist/lib/libprofdirserviceprovider_s.a(nsProfileLock.o)(.text._ZN
it's only a symlink to ../../profile/dirserviceprovider/src/libprof...

> 13nsProfileLockC2Ev+0x0): In function `nsProfileLock::nsProfileLock()':
> : multiple definition of `nsProfileLock::nsProfileLock()'
> ../../dist/lib/libprofile_s.a(nsProfileLock.o)(.text._ZN13nsProfileLock
an this one to toolkit/profile/src/libprofile_s.a

> C2Ev+0x0): first defined here
> <cut similar dross>

I have a really braindead symlink in mozilla/toolkit/profile/src:
nsProfileLock.cpp ->
the nsProfileLock.o is in both dirs.

What's your gcc and binutils version?
Mine: 3.3.2 and 2.14

Im still looking forward to the time when Mozilla/Firefox/... will use an
easier to handle src tree.

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