Routing + linux + Windows XP + not playing fair.

rune at rune at
Wed Aug 4 03:16:19 PDT 2004

gareth at wrote:
> Hi all,
> Got a little bit of a technical that I am hoping someone here can help 
> me with. 

Maybe ;-))

> This is starting to look like a semi complicated project and at present 
> I have the following,
> ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~
>            internet
>               |
>          adsl router
>               |
>    Linux router/firewall - mixed windoze and linux boxes all working fine
>               |
>          Wireless Link
>               |
>    Linux router/firewall
>               |
> mixed windoze and linux boxes
>       linux working fine
>         windows sucking
> ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~
> All the machines that are connected via the first router are fine,
> The Linux machines connected via the second router are fine,
> The Windoze (XP) machines connected via the second router can see the 
> machines local to them on the same subnet and the "outside" address of 
> the router but no further. Pinging just times out, tracert gets as far 
> as the router and dies.
> Can anyone think of and "problems" or whatever that could be causing 
> this to go belly up? I have been trying to get this working all day, 
> google has let me down and I'm fed up with this microshaft crap.


Could do with some more information really. 

How are you assigning IP address and default gw? It would also be useful to know IP's and subnets so I can work out what sort of IP scheme you are using.

How are you assigning nameserver? Can you ping an internet IP but not a hostname (indicates resolution error). 

Do you use DHCP or static.

DO these router/firewall devices do NAT? 


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