Mike Hernandez sequethin at
Mon Aug 2 07:43:43 PDT 2004

There used to be a distro called LOAF "Linux on a floppy"
IIRC there wasnt much there aside from a kernel.

You might want to get a box of floppies and download an install set
for debian or slackware. (I suggest a box because they die so easily)


On Mon, 2 Aug 2004 14:31:09 +0000, Bennett Todd <bet at> wrote:
> 2004-08-02T13:04:56 tino rozzo:
> > Unfortunately, where ever I go, I cannot download basic software,
> > even tiny objects to floppy anymore.
> Why not? I dno't use floppies any more, but I have no trouble
> downloading wherever I go, to local hard disk, various USB-attached
> hard disks, and memory sticks.
> > It seems I cannot even find a ditro that is tiiny enough to fit to
> > diskette.
> They're rare, but they do still exist; I hear refs to tomsrtbt more
> often than anything else.
> If I wanted to build one From Scratch, I'd start with either uClibc
> or diet-libc, either Busybox or the collection of tiny tools people
> have built with diet-libc, gen a custom tuned vmlinuz, pick a
> loader, etc.
> -Bennett

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