Upgrade question

Joe Morris heartboy at nycap.rr.com
Mon Sep 30 06:20:18 PDT 2002

JS> Are you talking of Geforce4-MX or Ti4200-Ti4600? The Ti's are a
JS> different league same as Radeon 9500, 9700. If you're thinking of a
JS> GeForce4-MX, that's essentialy just a GeForce2 with a bit more RAM. 
JS> rather recomment a Radeon 9000 or 9000 Pro. I read some good reviews
JS> about them, not great for the latest games but good value for money.
JS> could also look at some GeForce3 cards they should be really cheap 
JS> now and the Ti versions are a lot faster than the GeForce4-MX (I'm
JS> running a MSI Geforce3 Ti200 and really like it). It really depends
JS> you want to do with it, 3D shooters --> Geforce4 Ti4200(cheaper then
JS> 4600). Office and an occasional game --> Geforce3 (if you can find
JS> or Radeon 9000 (Pro)

JS> cheers 
JS> Jochen

Oh, I had every intention of getting a "real" GeForce4! I'm thinking of
the Ti4200, and now I think I'll get it. Thanks!
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