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Richard Lightman richard at
Mon Sep 30 00:54:40 PDT 2002

* Ken Dyke <ken_i_m at> [2002-09-30 08:27]:
> On Sun, 2002-09-29 at 18:20, Justin Hibbits wrote:
> > Better yet, lets spam the macromedia mail with mails asking them to stop
> > writing flash/shockwave :)
> Who do we spam to stop javascript?
> Sun?
Spam is not the answer.

I have had some success by mailing the maintainers of web sites,
explaining the problem, and asking them politely to fix it. If people
stop using flah and javascript on their sites, then these things will
die of neglect.

Even nVidia listened - their technical support page used to be
accessible only from graphics mode browsers. I pointed out that this
was a catch 22 if you were having problems with a graphics card. A
month or so later, the site was fixed.

It is worth taking a look at the source code for flash pages:

Search enginges cannot read flash, so the pages have a list of links
for the search engine to follow. Some search engines value a site by
the number of links to it. That makes this list a type of advert. I
have seen sites where this list is for a bunch of unrelated companies.
If you can find a competitor in there, you will be able to present a
stronger argument for getting rid of flash.

For more reasons, take a look at:

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