AW: Mobo Recommendation

Justin Knierim jrknierim at
Sat Sep 28 01:47:51 PDT 2002

Auftrag von James Drabb:
>Hello group,
>I need a new mobo for my Coppermine Pentium III 800MHz 133FSB 256K
>FCPGA processor.  Does anyone have any good recommendations?

My setup, which I really like, is with an ABIT VP6, which is a dual
Processor FCPGA motherboard.  The only problem is it is difficult
to find these boards anymore.  The same with other P3 boards.  But
good luck to you, there should be some out there.  If you want to 
take a risk, you could try eBay for some mobo's also.

  Justin Knierim
  SOLUTIONfactory - Siegen

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