I did it!

Owen Genat aressgee at jeack.com.au
Fri Sep 27 15:42:13 PDT 2002


thanks for the pointer (i did not realise this, but i does clear up 
something i was thinking)

i don't want to go into the problem in detail here (ie. lfs-chat) but if 
you search for
"perl-5.6.1 make install prob" in lfs-support you will see i'm getting seg 
faults in
man and groff which appears to be tainting the perl build.  have just had a 
from another reader that i should be looking at groff (which i will do).

have a bad feeling i'm going to have to start from *scratch* _again_ (5th 
time) as
i just don't seem to have the skills to unpick problems under linux 
yet.  will do
as you suggest and prob rebuild the ch5 packages, having a closer look at 
however i was extra careful about this last time and am fairly sure all was ok
(took me four goes just to get to ch6).

anyway thanks again...owen.

At 09:16 AM 27/09/2002 -0400, you wrote:
>Well, I figured I would chime in on this.  If you are having problems in 
>Chapter 6 then chances are it has nothing to do with your host 
>distro.  Chapter 6 is supposed to be independent of the host distro (that 
>is why you enter the chroot environment).  During chapter 5, did you run 
>into any errors?  and which version of the book are you building?
>Owen Genat wrote:
>>Hi Jim,
>>i've had several probs so far but have managed to slowly get around most of
>>them, mainly by re-starting at the beginning :(  my latest problem
>>is with perl (ch6)...i have sent emails to lfs-support but noone
>>seems able to help so far.
>>i wish there was more info in the guide on which packages the base
>>system should have as this could be part of my prob.
>>At 08:20 AM 26/09/2002 -0400, you wrote:
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>>> > David, i am just greeeeen with envy...i look forward to a
>>> > similar day :-)
>>> >
>>> > i am constantly amazed at the number of LFS people who do successful
>>> > compiles day-in-day-out
>>> > (wishing my life was that simple!)
>>> >
>>> > i have been working on my first success for about 3 weeks now
>>> > and still no
>>> > luck,
>>> > obviously i'm not much of a linux wiz <sigh>
>>> >
>>> > all the best...owen.
>>> >
>>>What kind of problems are you having?  Are you asking the group for
>>>You should be able to get through it.  Once you do your first build, the
>>>rest will be easy and you will start to rebuild just to try new tweaks
>>>or settings.  Keep trying and don't be shy about asking lfs-support for
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