lazy docbook hack

mbrian caapiv at
Wed Sep 25 02:46:24 PDT 2002

I've been having a hard time installing gnome. I don't want the whole 
thing, just sawfish & the python-gtk & py-opengl-gtk stuff, but you seem 
to have to have all kinds of backends & document formating 
current dri-x tree build is sweet, X just starts to a blank screen & I 
hit a key-sequence for dialing/hanging-up, browser, terminal, wallpaper 
selections, etc. ;using the function keys for a change.
Anyways, I tried to be legit, got all the docbook stuff that's been 
bugging me recently, but jade won't build & the 'getting & installing 
docbook' stuff just tells you to download these packages - that have no 
installation scripts & I don't know where to put them, what environment 
variables to set, how to specialize those for gnome, etc. Oh, and I'm 
writing a document right now, so I'm sorta happy with my current setup. :)
I just made a simple script to find all the .../html directories in the 
gnome package sources & write a dud file called index.sgml, so they will 
install without failing...

#!/usr/bin/env python
import os,sys
cmd='find ./ -name html'
for i in os.popen(cmd).readlines():

It's probably some kind of scripting heresy...

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