How do I capture the data from streaming media?

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Tue Sep 24 08:54:10 PDT 2002

On Tuesday 24 September 2002 12:51, you wrote:
> This is clearly not an LFS question, but they
> tell me that on lfs-chat anything goes . . .

maybe blfs-support would have been a better place,
probably more ppl watch that list...

> Recently I wanted to record a radio program,
> but I discovered to my dismay that I did not
> have a functional tape recorder.  I cheered
> up when I learned that I could get the program
> on my computer via the Real Audio plug-in for
> Mozilla, and I was hoping to save the data
> to file, but I could not figure it out.
> I had read somewhere that Real Player saves
> a file in /tmp, but on inspection I discovered
> that a socket is created.  Please have patience
> with me; I have never read any of Richard Steven's
> fine books, and I am not sure how to capture the
> data passing through a socket.
> Is this at all possible?  Or am I just dreaming?
> Can anyone give me a hint?
> Conrad

funny, the exact same question was asked on #lfs
a couple of days ago;

you are looking for `vsound', get it via fm, or here:

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