Login trouble

Mihail Popa mpopa at fx.ro
Tue Sep 24 06:17:53 PDT 2002

Well, my question has nothing to do with the LFS book.  I have started with
a fresh ext2 partition with the basic directory structure and the dev files
in their place. I my last mail I explained every step I made.

The problem is that the login should work. I have read the man pages and
looked over the internet but found nothing relevant. I was hoping someone on
this list would know what I did wrong.


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> Hi,
> I am curious, what stage of the process did you work through to? You
> that you compiled programs statically (one of the reasons ppl have trouble
> chapter 6 is that they didn't compile something statically in chapter 5),
> which makes me wonder if you are entering chapter 6 after just finishing
> chapter 5? Or are you working on a 'completed' LFS system? If it is the
> former, I seem to remember something along the lines of usernames being
> available only after glibc is installed dynamically in chapter 6, so you
> should use the uid 0 for root account when logging in, maybe?
> To be honest i'm not sure where you are at, but I haven't seen this
before. I
> think that deviation from the book is generally not such a great idea, as
> book irons out most of the bugs like this that you would come across.
> some info on exactly what stage you are at would help us to find the
> //Andrew.
> On Tue, 24 Sep 2002 17:04, you wrote:
> > Hy!
> >
> > I have attempted to build my own minimal linux system and ran into login
> > trouble.
> > I have used the kernel of my other system and just added a new line to
> > lilo.conf changing the root device. I installed sysvinit, util-linux
> > (login, getty, passwd), and bash.
> > All were statically linked. i also wrote a minimal inittab and a
> > init script for runlevel 3. As a passwd and shadow files I made a copies
> > the ones I had in my other system.
> >
> > It boots up with no problem. At the login prompt I enter root (or
> > user) but my password is not recognized. If from my other linux I mount
> > new root device on /mnt/linux and issue "chroot /mnt/linux passwd",
> > complains of not finding my login name. If I issue "chroot /mnt/linux
> > passwd root" I get a most peculiar massage in which  I am being asked if
> > am sure user root exists!
> >
> > Also compiling sulogin (statically linked) and copying it in its place
> > the new root device and issuing "chroot /mnt/linux sulogin" I am told it
> > cannot find the password data base. Needless to say if I run
> > "/mnt/linux/sulogin" it works just fine.
> >
> > What have I forgotten?
> >
> >  Mihai
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