Login trouble

Mihail Popa mpopa at fx.ro
Tue Sep 24 02:04:40 PDT 2002


I have attempted to build my own minimal linux system and ran into login
I have used the kernel of my other system and just added a new line to that
lilo.conf changing the root device. I installed sysvinit, util-linux (login,
getty, passwd), and bash.
All were statically linked. i also wrote a minimal inittab and a do-nothing
init script for runlevel 3. As a passwd and shadow files I made a copies of
the ones I had in my other system.

It boots up with no problem. At the login prompt I enter root (or anyother
user) but my password is not recognized. If from my other linux I mount the
new root device on /mnt/linux and issue "chroot /mnt/linux passwd", passwd
complains of not finding my login name. If I issue "chroot /mnt/linux passwd
root" I get a most peculiar massage in which  I am being asked if I am sure
user root exists!

Also compiling sulogin (statically linked) and copying it in its place on
the new root device and issuing "chroot /mnt/linux sulogin" I am told it
cannot find the password data base. Needless to say if I run
"/mnt/linux/sulogin" it works just fine.

What have I forgotten?


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