[Meta] Same old conundrum (was Re: telnet & ftp client)

Rob Park rbpark at ualberta.ca
Mon Sep 23 22:15:26 PDT 2002

On Monday 23 September 2002 09:38 pm, Timothy Bauscher wrote:
> On Mon, Sep 23, 2002 at 08:53:20PM -0600, Rob Park wrote:
> > You should probably be yelling at bill for moving this thread
> > from lfs-support (IIRC) to here. Michael was simply replying
> > in the same location as the message he saw, as I am right now.
> The point was that list members should respect one another.

Well I've got nothing against that. I don't think this thread is particularly 
out of hand, it's just got a lot of dissenting opinions in it.

> As for yelling at Bill: IMO, someone who takes part in an
> OT thread is just as guilty as the person who started the
> OT thread. I didn't consider the start to this particular
> thread to be OT, but the email I responded to certainly was.

Well, it started in lfs-support. Then it got moved to lfs-dev (by bill). This 
was supposed to make a statement as to how OT lfs-dev is. That's a good 
point, but making more OT posts in lfs-dev doesn't fix anything, which makes 
it a bit of a screw-ball move, if you ask me. 

Rob Park
Any sufficiently advanced technology is indistinguishable from a perl script.
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