old computers...

Ian Molton spyro at f2s.com
Mon Sep 23 18:26:24 PDT 2002


I was wondering... does anyone else here have some ODD hardware running

Im still working on getting linux onto my Acorn A410/1, with some
success. I have a bootable, functional (2.5.30-rmk1 based) kernel, but
no userland yet.

As a side effect of my playing with the archimedes architecture, I have
actually acquired my very own linux architecture - arm26! Which is VERY

Still learning, though... now Im lost deep in the guts of execve,
wondering where my context went...

When I get it going, I will be putting LFS on it, as much as will fit.

So far I've had to write two device drivers in my quest. one IDE, works
great, one video, unfinished. I still need to write a serial driver, and
a parallel one. And the 1772 driver is both broken and outdated...

Ho hum... back to execve...
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