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Antony Stone Antony at
Sat Sep 21 13:49:11 PDT 2002

On Saturday 21 September 2002 7:55 pm, Richard Lightman wrote:

> I read something along the lines of: "US government agrees to MS's
> request not to sponsor free software (like selinux) that could compete
> with comercial software".

I'd love to find a reference to an article confirming that - it's hard to 
think of anything more anti-competitive !

> I am not so sure about future projects. I found this at
>  but it could be older than
> the article I remember:
>     4. Is NSA funding any follow-on work?
>        NSA is not soliciting proposals for follow-on work at this time.

No worries - that statement has been there for ages.   Basically I think it 
got put there to stop people contacting the NSA to try and get public funding 
for their own little open source projects.

> I am not sure how MS can claim to offer anything that competes with
> selinux.

That's never put M$ off trying to stomp on the competition - even if it is 
the US Government !

> I know that there is a proposal in the US along the lines
> of "All publicly funded software projects should use an open source
> licence such as GPL or BSD". This would seem a bit more rational to
> me considering how MS have been found guilty, but after looking at
> my own government, it is hard to complain about anyone else's.

Quite a number of national goverments seem to have made public statements 
favouring / advocating open source software for public projects.   Very good 
in my opinion.



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