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Richard Lightman richard at
Sat Sep 21 11:55:37 PDT 2002

* Robert Ian Smit <robian at> [2002-09-21 14:36]:
> * David <david at> [21-09-2002 13:21]:
> >
> Didn't the big bad wolf go after this project and effectively closed
> it down?
I read something along the lines of: "US government agrees to MS's
request not to sponsor free software (like selinux) that could compete
with comercial software".

I looked carefully, but could not find the article again. As for
selinux, the genie is out of the bottle. There is about one entry per
month on  The last was on the
23rd of August, so it looks like the project is not in any danger.

I am not so sure about future projects. I found this at  but it could be older than
the article I remember:

    4. Is NSA funding any follow-on work?
       NSA is not soliciting proposals for follow-on work at this time.

I am not sure how MS can claim to offer anything that competes with
selinux. I know that there is a proposal in the US along the lines
of "All publicly funded software projects should use an open source
licence such as GPL or BSD". This would seem a bit more rational to
me considering how MS have been found guilty, but after looking at
my own government, it is hard to complain about anyone else's.

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