CPU vs. motherboard

Csaba Henk ekho at renyi.hu
Wed Sep 18 15:54:59 PDT 2002

 Hey guys, I think it succeeded!

On 18 Sep 2002, Jochen Schröder wrote:

> Usually the multiplier for the CPU is set to a
> constant value, in your case 8.5. 

 I think that's the case. And in the main CPU configuration menu the
avaliable bus speeds are 100 and 133. So -- according to the 8.5
multiplier -- the possible values of CPU speed are 850 and 1133,

> You cannot change that without some
> physical adjustments to the CPU, I think for old Athlons/Durons you had
> to close some contacts with a pencil, you might want to google around
> for that, although I wouldn't recomment doing it. 

 Luckily, I didn't have to do so: my BIOS also has a bus-speed fine-tuning
utility, so I could set it to 127, which means a CPU speed of 1080
(according to the 8.5 multiplier), which is satisfying for me. Now it
seems to work this way and I hope it's a stable configuration.

> I don't think
> overclocking your CPU by 33Mhz should make such a big stability problem,

Not such a big one: almost all features worked properly, but the
compilation of gcc (as I spoke about in the mail "How not to install
gcc-3.1"). Anyway, big enough to prevent installing LFS :-)

> unless your heatsink, fan is not working properly. It is more likely the
> RAM which is giving you the trouble. So do a memtest and see if it's
> faulty.
> Cheers 
> Jochen

 By the way, I ran memtest and it didn't detected any faults. 

So thank you all,

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