CPU vs. motherboard

Tony Karakashian tkarakashian at RochesterMidland.com
Wed Sep 18 13:08:30 PDT 2002

> -- I think it means it is a PC133 RAM, doesn't it? 

Ooops, another item I snipped before reading.  :)

>> Depends where it says 133MHz. 100MHz dimms are normally fitted with
>> 133MHz chips to allow for the delays caused by the connector and long
>> tracks on the motherboard.

Correct.  And, just because the vendor you purchased it from called it
PC133 RAM, doesn't by any stretch of the imagination mean that it is,
unfortunately.  The fact that your BIOS is "forcing" you to use a 
100Mhz bus is what really concerns me about the RAM.  

IIRC, there's a utility called memtest for Linux you can run and it
quite regularly detects bad RAM.  Might be worth a shot, just make
sure you clock your CPU as it should be first. :)

Finally, can you choose the option of 1100(100) and see how it works?

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