CPU vs. motherboard

Csaba Henk ekho at renyi.hu
Wed Sep 18 12:08:01 PDT 2002

On Wed, 18 Sep 2002, Tony Karakashian wrote:

> For simplicity's sake, 133 is the speed at which your processor speaks to
> your RAM.  Do you have PC133 RAM in the machine, or is it possibly PC100?
> If it is PC100, that would explain your problem, as you're not only 
> overclocking your CPU, but your RAM as well.  Even if it IS PC133 RAM, 
> it's possible it's faulty.


> It's possible you do have PC100 RAM, which the BIOS is seeing and limiting
> you to the "first" possible speed you can have that supports that.  I 
> snipped the list, but if you have a 1100(100) option, try that and see how
> it works.  
> -T

 I gave the parameters of my RAM in previous mail:

256 MB SD 133 MHz

-- I think it means it is a PC133 RAM, doesn't it? 


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