CPU vs. motherboard

Richard Lightman richard at nezumi.plus.com
Wed Sep 18 08:24:45 PDT 2002

* Csaba Henk <ekho at renyi.hu> [2002-09-18 16:00]:
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AMD are well aware that people try to reduce the multiplier (CPU speed
divided by bus speed) to overclock their CPU's. They want you to pay
more money for a faster CPU, the the multplier is locked (in you case
to 11). Any attempt to use a different multiplier results in a the
lowest multiplier (8.5) that the CPU can support. There are ways to
unlock the CPU to allow any of sixteen multipliers - search the web
and you will find them - get it wrong and you will wreck your CPU.

You came close to getting 1133 because it is 8.5*133. You might be
able to get 1133 if you increase the CPU voltage a little, increase the
cooling a lot, and accept the the CPU will die earlier than it would
have done if you just accepted that it is a 1100MHz CPU.

To me, a machine that works at 1100 is much better than a machine
that does not work at 1133. Increasing the bus speed from 100 to
133 could in theory get you 25% speed increase in a very small
number of programs. I more realistic figure is 5%. In practice,
most programs are limited by latancy not bandwidth. A good chipset
and DIMM with low latencies are more useful than an extra 33MHz
for most purposes.

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