CPU vs. motherboard

Tony Karakashian tkarakashian at RochesterMidland.com
Wed Sep 18 07:34:39 PDT 2002

>> As I know, the first number shows the CPU speed, the other (in
>>parentheses) shows the bus speed at the given configuration. This is why I
>>thought that the 1133(133) configuration optimizes the bus speed (so why
>>does it not, according to Jay?). (133 MHz is the maximum bus speed my
>>motherboard is said to be capable of.)

For simplicity's sake, 133 is the speed at which your processor speaks to
your RAM.  Do you have PC133 RAM in the machine, or is it possibly PC100?
If it is PC100, that would explain your problem, as you're not only 
overclocking your CPU, but your RAM as well.  Even if it IS PC133 RAM, 
it's possible it's faulty.

>> Note that if I set "optimized default values", then the 850(100)
>>option is chosen, so I think bus speed is always 100 MHz in the third
>> case.

It's possible you do have PC100 RAM, which the BIOS is seeing and limiting
you to the "first" possible speed you can have that supports that.  I 
snipped the list, but if you have a 1100(100) option, try that and see how
it works.  

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