OT: Web development problems on certain platforms

Dylan dylan at dylan.me.uk
Tue Sep 17 06:43:27 PDT 2002

OT? That's why it's called 'chat', aint it?

Sounds like an encoding problem with the character set/locale etc. Bit of a 
minefield ...

I can't help with (1), but IMHO an abstract (numeric) key would be better for 
the lookup value. That way your code would be protected from those issues. 
When it comes to it, even if you solve the encoding problem at your end, the 
user can always over-ride it on their browser. And Windoze may as well be 
using EBDIC!


On Tuesday 17 September 2002 13:23, you wrote:
> Hi all
> This is terribly off-topic, but this the most knowledegable community
> I'm a part of that I can think of concerning this particular problem.
> I have been involved in developing a web site, where the design is done
> by others, and I have been doing CGI programming for some dynamic
> content, as well as a light for of content managment system.
> Everything is working perfectly, except for some small problems that
> occur only on one platform so far; Windows with Explorer. With some
> instances of Win+Explorer it is working fine (eg 2000 + v6), but other's
> are not working properly.
> The problem is on this webpage: http://www.runaforlag.se (unfortunately
> only in Swedish). It is a publishing company, and some of the book
> titles are using a special character, namely 0x96, which is an extra
> long '-'. the problem that occurs are 2:
> 1) Under the tab "Våra böcker", in the pop-up menus, this character
> becomes a vertical dash instead (|). For instance the book "Barnets
> utveckling - en helhet".
> 2) The more serious problem is that the books in question are impossible
> to order from the ordering page ("Beställa"). The book name is used as a
> 'name="..."' value in an option field tag. My CGI program receives this
> value and looks it up in a data base. Unfortunately, I currently don't
> have access to any of the misbehaving systems, so I can't check to see
> what value my program receives.
> In one instance, only problem 1 appeared, but for the others, both
> problems occured. Everything seems to be working fine on Linux +
> Mozilla, Win2000 + Mozilla and Mac + Netscape.
> I'm not a web guru, so I'm completely lost here, it seems to me to be
> some kind of character mapping problem, but what? I'm grateful for any
> suggestions,
> Björn

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