OT: Web development problems on certain platforms

Björn Lindberg d95-bli at nada.kth.se
Tue Sep 17 05:23:29 PDT 2002

Hi all

This is terribly off-topic, but this the most knowledegable community
I'm a part of that I can think of concerning this particular problem.

I have been involved in developing a web site, where the design is done
by others, and I have been doing CGI programming for some dynamic
content, as well as a light for of content managment system.

Everything is working perfectly, except for some small problems that
occur only on one platform so far; Windows with Explorer. With some
instances of Win+Explorer it is working fine (eg 2000 + v6), but other's
are not working properly.

The problem is on this webpage: http://www.runaforlag.se (unfortunately
only in Swedish). It is a publishing company, and some of the book
titles are using a special character, namely 0x96, which is an extra
long '-'. the problem that occurs are 2:

1) Under the tab "Våra böcker", in the pop-up menus, this character
becomes a vertical dash instead (|). For instance the book "Barnets
utveckling - en helhet".

2) The more serious problem is that the books in question are impossible
to order from the ordering page ("Beställa"). The book name is used as a
'name="..."' value in an option field tag. My CGI program receives this
value and looks it up in a data base. Unfortunately, I currently don't
have access to any of the misbehaving systems, so I can't check to see
what value my program receives.

In one instance, only problem 1 appeared, but for the others, both
problems occured. Everything seems to be working fine on Linux +
Mozilla, Win2000 + Mozilla and Mac + Netscape.

I'm not a web guru, so I'm completely lost here, it seems to me to be
some kind of character mapping problem, but what? I'm grateful for any

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