A tribute to quasar; my longest install. And testimonial to LFS.

Jesse Tie-Ten-Quee highos at linuxfromscratch.org
Wed Sep 11 20:32:05 PDT 2002


On Wed, Sep 11, 2002 at 10:54:38PM -0400, Gerard Beekmans wrote:
> Yeah speaking of old systems...I still have my broken notebook here. I wish I 
> could access the harddrive in it. It's one of those 3 1/2 inch drives so I 
> have no (known to me) way to connect it to a normal IDE bus (hints anybody) 
> and retrieve the system. It's running LFS-1.3 with some old X and KDE system 
> (KDE-1.1 I believe). I should get this notebook fixed maybe one of these 
> days.

Heh.  I remenber ;)

> For the ones who don't know: shadowfax is also knows as "the 
> linuxfromscratch.org" server. Current uptime 174 days. The only reason it was 
> rebooted 174 days ago was due to a mistake in the data center it's stored. 
> Somebody unplugged the wrong box (they thought it was one of the old 
> ftp.gnu.org machines but it wasn't obviously). I'm not sure what the uptime 
> before that was, but it was something like 6 months. The reason for that 
> reboot was to load a new kernel (I had to enable something in it that I 
> couldn't modularize so a reboot was necessary). Anyways, bottom line is that 
> LFS system stability is pretty good. I've seen systems running for more than 
> a year without a reboot at all. The only reason why reboots take place every 
> now and then (at least on my end) is to update the running kernels. You can 
> only achieve so much by updating the software. There'll be a time the kernel 
> needs to be upgraded. Too bad you can't do that without a reboot yet. That'll 
> just rock update a live kernel on-the-fly.

Looking at ~highos/uptime.txt, it was near the ~240 mark.

And I could swear, reading a few years ago, that FreeBSD had a feature
where you can change the running kernel without rebooting (or something
similar to that method), I can't remenber any more details and don't
have the time to look into it...but eventually! :)

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