A tribute to quasar; my longest install. And testimonial to LFS.

Todd V. Rovito rovitotv at stargt.com
Wed Sep 11 20:10:22 PDT 2002

Thus spake Gerard Beekmans (gerard at linuxfromscratch.org):
> Yeah speaking of old systems...I still have my broken notebook here. I wish I 
> could access the harddrive in it. It's one of those 3 1/2 inch drives so I 
> have no (known to me) way to connect it to a normal IDE bus (hints anybody) 
> and retrieve the system. It's running LFS-1.3 with some old X and KDE system 
> (KDE-1.1 I believe). I should get this notebook fixed maybe one of these 
> days.
I think you really mean your notebook has a 2.5" hard drive (standard size
for notebooks). You can get an adapter for a 2.5" to a regular 3.5" drive
for $15.00 here:

A friend of mine had an adapter and we saved the data of my broken notebook
worked perfect.  Check it out.

Todd V. Rovito
rovitotv at stargt.com
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