screen and dotfiles

Heimdall heimdall at
Wed Sep 11 01:23:23 PDT 2002

Hi all,

Does anyone know about a good virtual console manager
like screen or twin ? Or does screen rule this domain ?
Here is my .screenrc, I'd like to see yours too :-) thx !

A with tons of dot config files
could be a good idea to share them ...

Happy lfsing to all


.screenrc :

screen -t MAIL        0 mutt
screen -t ICQ         1 centericq
screen -t IRC        2 BitchX
screen -t LYNX       3 lynx

autodetach            on
crlf                  off
deflogin              off
hardcopy_append       on
startup_message       off
termcapinfo linux "ve=\E[?25h\E[?17;0;64c" # red
vbell                 on
defscrollback         1000
silencewait           15
shell                 bash
hardstatus alwayslastline "\033[m\033[42;30m %m%d \033[m \033[42;30m%c\033[m
\033[42;30m %w \033[m"
sorendition 02 34
activity              "activity in %n (%t) [%w:%s]~"
bell                  "bell     in %n (%t) [%w:%s]~"
pow_detach_msg        "BYE"
vbell_msg             "BLEH"
bindkey -k k7 prev
bindkey -k k8 next
setenv DISPLAY ''

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