LVM public key signatures

Richard Lightman richard at
Tue Sep 10 07:08:45 PDT 2002

Does anyone know AJ Lewis' public key, or the owner of DSA key ID
9DBC4EC9 ?

I just tried to download the latest LVM user space tools from this

On this server, the file gpg-signature contains:
Get AJ's public key at

I got this key, lvm_1.0.5.tar.gz and lvm_1.0.5.tar.gz.asc
The key is:
pub  1024D/294AAA5A 2002-08-20 AJ Lewis (roadrunner) <lewis at>
     Key fingerprint = FE77 4B43 6A9B F982 A731  02FA 2BF5 7574 294A AA5A

but the signature has DSA key ID 9DBC4EC9.

I would like to ask Mr Lewis, or someone involved with LVM what is
going on, but unless I can find a trustworthy key somewhere else, I
will not know for sure who I am talking to.

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