pure bash, grep, sed??? best solution?

Björn Lindberg d95-bli at nada.kth.se
Fri Sep 6 06:54:59 PDT 2002

DJ Lucas wrote:

> # source the newly created file
> source /var/cache/rltmp
> if [ "$RLTEST" == "N 3" ]
> then
>     echo 'PRL=N' >> /var/cache/rlstate
>     echo 'CRL=3' >> /var/cache/rlstate
> fi

	echo $RLTEST | read PRL CRL

The whole thing seems extremely cumbersome. Why don't you tell us why
you want to do this, and maybe we can find an easier solution. For
instance, to directly get the runlevels into 2 variables, you can do

	runlevel | read PRL CRL

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