Hardware advice needed: Athlon vs P4

Tony Karakashian tkarakashian at RochesterMidland.com
Tue Sep 3 11:52:15 PDT 2002

> Well, until recently, you could only buy a mobo that supported AMD
> chips that had VIA chipsets on them. 

>>sorry, what?

I'm not sure what is so hard to understand here.  Up until recently,
if you wanted an AMD chip, you had to buy a mobo that had a VIA
chipset.  Therefore, I wouldn't buy an AMD.  I could buy a 
non-VIA mobo and AMD chip, but it wouldn't do me a lot of good 
since the mobo would only support an Intel chip. Yes, there are
new chipsets out there, but they're still not near the quality of
the Intel chipsets.

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