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Rui Ferreira ruifmferreira at hotmail.com
Tue Sep 3 02:16:13 PDT 2002

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>"Jim Mischel" <jim at mischel.com> wrote:
> > Somebody with less computer experience (or less
> > patience) could quickly get frustrated not knowing what needs to be
>Sorry to be blunt (Im autistic, its my perogative ;-), but LFS is NOT
>for newbies or the impatient.
Hi, I'm the newbie here (impatient maybe, but also lots of subborn)
Although I read that LFS was not for newbies I gave it a try 'cause I'm used 
to bang my head against the walls until it breaks (the wall).
I'm here to learn, not just to read the book and execute the instructions 
I took 4 months to complete my first build (lfs only). Not because of errors 
but because I tried to learn about everything I was doing; If they say use 
cfdisk, I learn about cfdisk; If they say package foo includes bla, bla, 
bla, I go out to learn about bla, bla, bla; If they say apply the patch 
using sed, well...
When they write that the development tools are required, at least one light 
goes on: gcc. When we start compiling bash they say we need ncurses and give 
losts of info on how to set it up correctly. And if you still have trouble, 
there's the dependency list of the particular package. Even when it comes to 
the kernel, there's the FAQ, the kernel-howto and, of course, lots of 
documentation in the source tree.
So, are we here to learn or what?
Gerard already mentioned that he wanted to write deeper information about 
some subjects, mainly (IIRC) about the bootscipts, which is, by now, just 
one more package to install. But this doesn't mean you don't go search for 
the answers by yourself.
The LFS is not just an instructions book to turn Linux on. We're supposed to 
get to it's end and continue beyond by our own, unpacking, configuring 
compiling and installing whatever we need to make of our Linux system what 
we want.

Conclusion: Head bangging is not just for the heavy metal guys!

Rui Ferreira

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