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Dan Osterrath do3 at mail.inf.tu-dresden.de
Mon Sep 2 17:35:08 PDT 2002

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> The biggest problem I saw in the suggestions was to test the host distro
> for package foo before building. That doesn't work completely. For
> example; Texinfo. You may have a perfectly working host that cannot
> build texinfo-4.2 but can build texinfo-4.1 and with Texinfo-4.1 you can
> build Texinfo-4.2 so that leaves us with problems of not just whether
> package foo is there but what version? And how did the distro guys
> change it? Is it still compatable after some guy at Redhat modified the
> source? I think it's a noble idea, for sure, but not one that is very
> possible to script without huge maintenance efforts.

And what about distributing a distro cd with a bootable chapter 5 LFS and 
needed packages already on it?

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