Hardware advice needed: Athlon vs P4

Eamon Skelton nospam at oceanfree.net
Mon Sep 2 15:26:36 PDT 2002

On Mon, 2 Sep 2002 17:14:07 +0200
Conrad Newton <conrad.newton at broadpark.no> wrote:

> I am about to buy a new computer, and I am looking
> for some last-minute advice.  In a nutshell, I want
> to know if there is any significant difference in
> the reliability/stability of an
> Athlon XP 1800 vs. Pentium 4 2000A
> with SiS chipset on the motherboard.
> There was also the possibility of getting a Duron, 
> but it looks like the Athlon is significantly better,
> while not being much more expensive.

I've just bought an ECS K7S5A MB (SiS 735 chipset) and 
1300MHz Duron processor. After three weeks of 24/7 use, 
I have had no lock-ups or crashes. The system has proven 
to be rock-solid stable. I find the Duron blisteringly 
fast. Compiling a 2.4.18 kernel took 3M 45Sec. Encoding 
a 44.1 KHz stereo wav file with the Lame MP3 encoder runs 
at > 10X real time. Encoding the same file with the 
OggVorbis encoder runs at about 5X real time. I am still 
using 'slow' SDRAM, I hope it will be even faster when I 
buy some DDR RAM.   

$130 will buy this MB and an Athlon.  Or you could 
settle for a Duron now and wait until the new year when 
the price of 266MHz fsb Athlons falls through the floor 
when the new 333MHz fsb chips hit the market. 

Good luck with the new machine.

E. Skelton.   Cork, Ireland.


Linux 2.4.19
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