Hardware advice needed: Athlon vs P4

R. Bosch remy.bosch at hccnet.nl
Mon Sep 2 13:34:18 PDT 2002

On the date Mon, 2 Sep 2002 14:58:47 -0400
"Todd V . Rovito" <rovitotv at stargt.com> thy wrote:

> The new 2.4.19 kernel
> has the via chipset features built in and the system is very stable.

Stable, yes. But via is not remmonded because many people who want to get the most out of a system, get cut off. The PCI quiks are STILL there... Take a SiS or other type. just for the better PCI performance. Lately I'm thinking of dumping my VIA-mobo... as an other post on blfs-support testifies...

Note, I use kernel 2.4.19!

BTW: Go for AMD! Good, cheap and fast


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