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Jesse Tie-Ten-Quee highos at linuxfromscratch.org
Mon Sep 2 13:26:58 PDT 2002


On Mon, Sep 02, 2002 at 03:20:35PM -0500, Jim Mischel wrote:
> Does the book tell what kind of machine was used to obtain those estimated
> build times?  I don't know what kind of machine those timings are for, but
> it ain't a 200 MHz Pentium with 64 MB of RAM.  The glibc build, estimated at
> 46 minutes, is still going after almost three hours.

A Celeron 533Mhz w/ 320MB.  Those numbers are problably going to change
sooner or later.  There was lots of talk about using SBU (Static Bash
Units) instead of an estimate.  That way it would be easier to find out
how long things would take ans so forth.

> How the heck do I tell what version of glibc or the Linux kernel is running?
> If I'm on a system that has rpm installed, I can use rpm -qa | grep glibc to
> determine the glibc version.  What if there's no rpm?  For the kernel, I
> finally tried 'cat /proc/version', and that gave me the info I needed.
> Several places in the book say "if you're running glibc-x.x.x...", but don't
> say how to check.

Run '/lib/libc.so.6'.  It should print out what version of glibc you
presently have installed.  A 'uname -r' should give you the present
linux kernel version, also.

> Actually, this message is turning out to be pretty big.  I have a number of
> other questions, and some suggestions for improvement, but don't want to
> drive you guys crazy.  Is this the right place to post this type of thing,
> or should I use a different group?

This is the right place.  However, lfs-support may be better for these
sort of questions.  Feel free to keep asking away thou :)

And welcome to LFS, hope you have a good time!

Jesse Tie-Ten-Quee  ( highos at linuxfromscratch dot org )
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