Linux login method secure?

T.B. van der Molen tbm at
Sun Sep 1 19:18:51 PDT 2002

I was wondering the following.

On Windows NT/2000/whatever you usually first have to press Ctrl+Alt+Del 
before you can log on. This way you are sure you are giving your login 
information to Windows because only Windows can recognize the 
Ctrl+Alt+Del key combination.

This does not exist in the Linux login method. So, someone could easily 
write a program or script that visually imitates the behaviour of the 
login program on a system, capture the user's login information and 
could then exit and log out so the user sees the real login program.

Isn't this a relevant security threat? Can it be prevented?


"Period Three Implies Chaos"
- T.Y. Li & J.A. Yorke (1975)

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