Robert Connolly robert at
Sun Jul 24 16:28:12 PDT 2011

Attr, Acl, and Libcap2 have been added. I'm going to double check that 
everything to the kernel builds, and then set capabilities so suid-root stuff 
can go away.

There's one test failure with Coreutils 'tail'. I didn't check it out. 
Packages haven't been updated in a while, so some may be buggy or vulnerable. 
Updating packages isn't a priority because it's a waste of time right now to 
follow the latest packages, unless someone wants to do it for me. Only bug 
fixes and vulnerabilities are of interest, not new features unless it's of 
interest to security.

Please feel free to use the build instructions in the book to test it out. It 
should be perfectly usable, but I'm not sure about x86_32 and Grub. I only use 
x86_64 now.

After suid-root, I'll see about adding capabilities to sshd.

I also plan to add Strace. Some Coreutils tests need it, and it's needed to 
detect needed capabilities on new packages. I'll add an example usage for 

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