To do list (February 2011):

Gilles Espinasse g.esp at
Tue Feb 22 10:12:43 PST 2011

Selon Robert Connolly <robert at>:

> Hi.
> This is a short to-do list for immediate needs. If any of you have idea
> please feel free to discuss it or add to it, etc.
> This is all easy and doable stuff. The book seems to be building without
> issues now, with SSP, _FORTIFY_SOURCE, and -fPIE enabled in GCC.
> More is coming, please be patient.
> The GCC test suite is the only test suite that needs to be fixed. All the
> rest are good, as far as I know. This was fixed before by using the GCC pass 1
> specs (/tools/bin/x86_64-lfs-linux-gnu-gcc -dumpspecs) copied to gcc/specs
> in the gcc-build/ directory before 'make check', however GCC pass 1 is a cross
> compiler now, and when I tried to use them the test results were terrible.

We used a similar trick on ipcop using gcc pass 2 spec and using a sed for 2
But we use gcc-4.4.5, and do not harden gcc pass 2, only final gcc is hardened.
Like ALT-linux we use GCC_TOLERATE_ALWAYS_OVERFLOW=1 make check
We use UNTESTFLAGS=\"--target_board=unix\{,-fstack-protector\}\""
This test both the standard way and with -fstack-protector but double the time
to run the tests.

Why don't you use the default-format-security patch for gcc that debian and many
others like alt-linux use?

Hardcoding -fstack-protector-all by default make it uneasy to compile the kernel
with -fstack-protector only.
The kernel dev have removed the possibility to compile the kernel with
-fstack-protector-all for those reasons :;a=commitdiff;h=14a3f40aafacde1dfd6912327ae14df4baf10304

Read more details of the -all overhead in this post

So, is -fstack-protector-all really a good default option?

> The idea being that GCC pass 1 is close to vanilla specs, except for -fPIC. I
> think this idea should still work with some more tweaking. There are ideas
> for plan B and plan C if this idea fails. It would be nice to get this test
> suite to pass.
> I want to convert the NetBSD test suite for libssp to use GNU make, so that
> we can run this test suite after GCC pass 2 is installed. It's a nice test
> suite.
Is-it related to debian patches for the test suite

> It tests both SSP and _FORTIFY_SOURCE. The tests included with Glibc and GCC
> are also good, but do not assume that we enable these options by default.
> NetBSD may or may not test for all the same functions fortified by Glibc, so
> this needs to be verified, and extra tests added if needed. There is also a
> paxtest package, and libsafe package, which also include similar toolchain
> tests.
> The Coreutils test suite was picky about mount options. I did get the vast
> majority of tests to pass before... tests that would normally be disabled on
> LFS due to missing ACL support. A note needs to be added to chapter 2 about
> this. Extra mount options will be necessary to use posix capabilities, to
> disable suid-root bits.
I have coreutils test suite ok with 2 fixes
this patch is needed on ext3 or fiemap tests fail

cp/sparse-to-pipe is racy, this sed fix that
sed -i 's/^cmp sparse copy/wait; cmp sparse copy/' tests/cp/sparse-to-pipe
I encounter the race only in 1 of the four machines I tested.


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