To do list (February 2011):

Robert Connolly robert at
Sun Feb 20 19:52:15 PST 2011


This is a short to-do list for immediate needs. If any of you have idea please 
feel free to discuss it or add to it, etc.

This is all easy and doable stuff. The book seems to be building without issues 
now, with SSP, _FORTIFY_SOURCE, and -fPIE enabled in GCC. More is coming, 
please be patient.

The GCC test suite is the only test suite that needs to be fixed. All the rest 
are good, as far as I know. This was fixed before by using the GCC pass 1 specs 
(/tools/bin/x86_64-lfs-linux-gnu-gcc -dumpspecs) copied to gcc/specs in the 
gcc-build/ directory before 'make check', however GCC pass 1 is a cross 
compiler now, and when I tried to use them the test results were terrible. The 
idea being that GCC pass 1 is close to vanilla specs, except for -fPIC. I 
think this idea should still work with some more tweaking. There are ideas for 
plan B and plan C if this idea fails. It would be nice to get this test suite 
to pass.

I want to convert the NetBSD test suite for libssp to use GNU make, so that we 
can run this test suite after GCC pass 2 is installed. It's a nice test suite. 
It tests both SSP and _FORTIFY_SOURCE. The tests included with Glibc and GCC 
are also good, but do not assume that we enable these options by default. 
NetBSD may or may not test for all the same functions fortified by Glibc, so 
this needs to be verified, and extra tests added if needed. There is also a 
paxtest package, and libsafe package, which also include similar toolchain 

I would like to resolve these issues before proceeding to adding more packages 
like libcap and iptables, but I might add libcap fairly soon regardless.

The Coreutils test suite was picky about mount options. I did get the vast 
majority of tests to pass before... tests that would normally be disabled on 
LFS due to missing ACL support. A note needs to be added to chapter 2 about 
this. Extra mount options will be necessary to use posix capabilities, to 
disable suid-root bits.

After this, firewalling and system logging are the next priorities.

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