Robert Connolly robert at
Sun Aug 14 14:13:14 PDT 2011

I added a bit more this weekend.

The suid-root stuff has been replaced by linux caps. write(1) and wall(1) 
remain setgid tty.

I added Glibc and Binutils patches for PaX, and added --enable-bind-now --

Added strlcat/strlcpy patch to Glibc. Perl and Libtool use it, if I remember 

Added XZ-utils and Strace to chapter 6. Strace only comes in tar.xz.

Next is Iptables.

I played around with getting agetty to run as non-root, until it tried to 
start /bin/login as a regular user. login is hard coded not to run as a 
regular user, so it'll need to be patched. Agetty didn't need capabilities, 
only file system permissions. This is what strace is for.

I heard about stability problems before. I'm building HLFS from HLFS, and 
nothing bad is happening, so it looks good. Glibc test suite passes perfectly.

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