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The PaX team doesn't have a patch for binutils-2.20, only for 2.19. The 2.19 
patch has several compiler warnings when applied to binutils-2.20. PLD and 
Gentoo use --disable-werror when building Binutils, use the old patch with 
binutils-2.20, and ignore the compiler warnings.

The only feature in 2.20 that caught my attention was the Gold linker. Gold 
was developed to perform better than the old BFD linker. The programs that 
Gold links will perform the same. In gcc-4.5 there are link time 
optimizations (-flto) with Gold linker plugin support (-fuse-linker-plugin). 
The -fuse-linker-plugin option is used to extract objects files from static 
libraries, instead of doing this by hand, for better optimization 
from -flto. -flto alone doesn't optimize very well, and should be used 
with -fwhole-program. Not many packages support building with these options, 
so they will be rarely used for the moment.

So, for me personally, there isn't a great deal of reason to upgrade to 
binutils-2.20, at least until PaX releases a new Binutils patch.

Something you might want to discuss or think about.

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