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Dean Takemori deant at
Sat May 1 17:40:45 PDT 2010

Since I've hit a milestone in my personal HLFS-related project,
I might as well announce what I'm working on and what I can

I've been working on building a customized bootable HLFS cdrom
with linux-live scripts ( for use
at the edge of a network as a dns, ntp, http and socks proxy.

The idea is that this since this border host is exposed to
the internet that is should not only be hardened, but read-only
as well (caching is to RAM and logging can be done over the

I've been building a set of scripts to bootstrap a HLFS system
and have for the first time yesterday been able to apply the 
linux-live scripts to create a bootable .iso file that actually 
boots into a minimal but functional HLFS system!

There's still much to be done - Setting up the networking, 
jailing and configuring the daemons, documenting and cleaning
up the build scripts plus testing, testing, testing and testing
(and testing too)

This is something I've been working on for a handful of hours
every week for several months now.  I'm in no position to
be able to provide support, but I'm more than happy to donate
back to the HLFS project what I've learned in some form or
another. (A BLFS entry?, standalone scripts? a subproject?)

-dean takemori

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