LFS-XML to hlfs patch.

robert baker robertmbaker at gmail.com
Tue Jun 29 12:33:12 PDT 2010

I have completed adding the additional package and patch entities to
the XML patch. The SBU entities for each package are not accurate yet.
Once the full system builds using jhalfs the SBU values can be

You can find the patch here:

As I said I have been working with jhalfs to ensure the system build
can be automated. At the moment the system will download
everything and build through chapter 5. I haven't gotten the automated
kernel build working in chapter 5 yet. Just leave the kernel build
disabled for now.

I have uploaded two additional files to aid in automated builds
through chapter 5.

This file is lightly modified. It sets the HLFS environment variable
instead of LFS, and handles skipping the kernel build in chapter05
when you don't select a config file.

This file needed to have the diff file extension added to it so jhalfs
would download patches with the diff extension.

The process I have been using to build using jhalfs is as follows.

1. Boot system using lfs live cd. (I generally use a vmware or vbox
virtual system)
2. Setup disks partition/format/mount data and swap.
3. Set jhalfs user and group as owners of the whole mounted data partition.
4. Download jhalfs-2.3.2, LFS-6.6-XML, and the hlfs patch to the root
of the mounted data partition.
5. Unpack LFS-6.6-XML and patch the LFS book
6. Copy modified master.sh to jhalfs-2.3.2/LFS/ and urls to
7. Change users to jhalfs and run make in the jhalfs2.3.2 directory.
8. Use LFS as the build type, use the working copy option. (point to
the patched LFS-XML) Configure it to build the sources, and close the menu.
9. Once the build begins delete the
jhalfs/lfs-commands/chapter0{6,7,8} so the build doesn't continue past
the temporary system phase. (I haven't changed any commands beyond

Some highlights of the changes to the book include the following:
Build order change to conform with HLFS.
Don't use a cross compiled build as it causes issues with HLFS build order.
There are a few cases where patches have not been added to the book
because upstream hosting is either gone, or the patches themselves
have issues. (I will be looking into fixing this)

I am still working on moving past the temporary tools. The second pass
binutils instructions may need some tweaking because I am having
issues with ld breakage when I do the re-adjusting step. More to come
on this later.

I have built everything through chapter 5 on both 32bit and 64bit without issue.

I am sure there is more to cover, but off the top of my head those
points are the most important to mention.


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